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Kundai Conquer
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Welcome, and thank you for visiting.

My name is Kundai Nachito. Kundai is a Shona name originating from Zimbabwe which translates to “Conquer” hence KUNDAI: CONQUER. The name is profoundly powerful for me, igniting courage and consciousness at its every call.

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Sociology. I love sociology. I love storytelling. I especially love when both sociology and storytelling come together. This is what this site is for – the telling of stories that sociologically showcase the personal as political.

As a HIV+ black woman I am specifically interested in unpacking stories around sickness, self & society.

I hope you enjoy this creative & academic exercise. Through welcomed collaboration this site is also a space where many may include and elaborate their narratives. In time my greatest hope is that we deconstruct the social and economic structures that suppress us.

Ultimately, I hope that the just, good and creatives Conquer!